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MOSt Extraordinary CEOs | Industry Wired magazine
An Industry Leader with Eventful History 

Dr. Isaac Andy, Founder, and CEO of iZND Services is an avid leader that takes pride to provide IT Solutions (Hardware and Software) through his organization with a strong leadership backbone. He brings ...

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Dr Isaac, The Most Successful Entrepreneur


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#evolvingtechnologies #NextGenerationTechDisruptors...

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Boardroom Technologies' WebRTC Source is now available for use

Great new!! Dr Isaac Andy, CEO of iZND Group of Companies, has announced that they will be giving out the Boardroom WebRTC Source Conde. His intentions was "For all developers that are new to Video Conference using WebRTC..."

Our m...

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2 months ago
- Google B

Dr Isaac Andy: A Strategic Leader

 It is undeniable that software and hardware services are growing rapidly. The technology world is laser-focused on software-as-a-service (SaaS), or “cloud,” and PaaS(Platform as a service). However, SaaS and PaaS solutions continue to offer viable options for many businesses. SaaS companies are the businesses that create, develop, host, provide and update the product all from a central location. SaaS businesses have immediate access to the unrestricted global market and are growing without raising product delivery costs.  It is imperative to note that the mindfulness of a leader is significant who is actively engaged in providing the services which makes the company stand out from crowd. Leaders make it happen though it is a tough feat to accomplish in their respective markets. 

Dr. Isaac Andy, Founder, and CEO of iZND Services is an avid leader that takes pride to provide IT services(Hardware and Software) through his organization with a strong leadership backbone. He brings his entrepreneurial journey with enthusiasm and excitement. Isaac commenced his career as an Analyst Programmer, developing modules for POS systems. During his journey, he has donned himself in different job roles. He has worked as an On-site and deployment lead with Geotronics for a new outsourcing project with Dell. He has also carried out the responsibility of a Technical Manager to oversee the deployment that was to be done throughout the rest of the world. While working for other companies, Dr. Isaac built & set many processes himself, which have been used as standards for most of the IT Outsourcing Services provided by major IT companies. The pursuit of starting a new venture was the turning point that can offer solutions he desired and take profound decisions.
Delivering the Services and products
Under the leadership of Isaac, IZND services imperiously provides a managed services program. It features a dedicated team of hardware and software professionals. The team is specialized in developing services and products focusing on customers’ needs and interests. iZND provides IT Services and has developed a mature Managed IT Services Program, Cloud Computing Solutions, and Professional IT Project Delivery. iZND provides a One-Stop solution with necessary hardware or software according to the specifications identified based on the requirements. Focusing on providing a one-stop solution approach, Isaac and his team understand that eliminating confusion when it comes to supporting tools is important to the success of reducing any downtime encountered by the organization. 
At iZND Service, they work on offering quality solutions including IT Infrastructure and Management Services as well as Domain Registration and Cloud Hosting services. Additionally, the following are some of the unique iZND solutions:

  • iZND GPS Tracking Solution 
  • Google Business View Service 
    • iZND Google Business View Service in the partnership with Google offers Virtual Tour of clients’ businesses and panoramic photo editing using Google Maps technology. Clients get featured for their Google Local Page, website, social media pages, online directories, and marketing/publishing material.
      refer https://360.iznd.com.my
    • Besides, the interactive Google Virtual Business tour will be hosted on their local page at no additional cost. 

Encouraging Young Minds
In the opinion of Isaac Andy, a well-defined goal for the targets is an essential attribute every leader should possess. He says, “obstacles are undeniable but addressing and dealing with it will ultimately become a pathway taking you further”. 
He further adds, “always take note of these issues & ensure that everyone in your organization is clear on the processes needed to be done so that any recurring issues will no longer be a problem”. Hence with all issues out of the way, it will give the organization more time & resources to focus on building & improving the necessaries to achieve the long-term goals that have been defined. Leadership has always been about managing a team, making sound decisions, inspiring and influencing people. Isaac is one of these leaders who have developed best, efficient services, and together driven the business to greater heights and making the company their dream vision. 

Quote:Always have an attitude of gratitude” 
Company: iZND Services 
Management: Dr. Isaac Andy, Founder and CEO 
Description:  iZND Services is a well-known and prestigious name in the tech industry and specializes in offering Hardware and Software solutions. 

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